V2X transforms operations and sustainment for government and commercial clients worldwide through operational support services, training, and converged environments that integrate physical and digital infrastructures



Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our people deliver performance excellence through client-centric, high-quality services and solutions, with an uncompromising focus on mission success.


V2X is building a new era of transformed operations and sustainment. We link people, technology, and capabilities globally across the mission lifecycle. Our commitment is to operate with excellence wherever the mission leads.

V2X Value: Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical conduct. We communicate with honesty and courage. We take responsibility for knowing the laws and regulations governing V2X in the countries and regions that we operate. We are consistent in what we say and do, and deliver on our promises by holding ourselves accountable to each other and our clients.

V2X Value: Respect

V2X supports an inclusive culture where diversity in people and perspective is valued. We treat others fairly and courteously. We value different ideas, opinions, and experiences. We demonstrate compassion and humility by understanding the challenges of our constituents.

V2X Value: Responsibility

We demonstrate a positive spirit and perseverance to overcome adversity. We are agile in our response to support our clients by providing engaged employees focused on mission accomplishments. We promote a safe and secure workplace while ensuring quality in all we do. We embrace our role as a global citizen by caring for our community and the environment.

V2X Value: Professionalism

We are professional at all times because we represent V2X at all times. We exhibit a professional image through reliability, consistency and honesty. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for excellence in our actions that demonstrate pride in our company.




Founded as ITT Federal, which became Exelis


Founded as Beech Aerospace Services


Vectrus spun out from Exelis


Acquired by American Industrial Partners from L-3 Technologies and renamed Vertex Aerospace


Acquired SENTEL, Advantor, Zenetex, HHB


Purchased divisions of Raytheon Technologies and renamed The Vertex Company

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Founded in 2022


The Vertex Company


V2X at a Glance


McLean, VA


of expert mission support

Operate in more than



16,000+ PEOPLE

Approximately 50% of our employees are


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DE&I makes us who we are: dedicated to our employees’, customers’, partners’, and communities’ success

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Philosophy

For our people: We are the employer of choice. V2X values a work environment where diversity is embraced and people treat each other with mutual respect and dignity. Around the world, we are committed to be a company where the best people want to work and talented people work together with different viewpoints that create synergies and foster creative thinking, innovation, and problem solving.

For our customers: We are the provider of choice. V2X strives to deliver services to our customers that reflect both our global reach and our deep history and expertise in every market in which we operate. The diversity of our employees enables us to better understand our customers, while the breadth of our service knowledge and capabilities allows us to serve them better.

We will continue to build and leverage an inclusive business environment by developing leadership competency, increasing employee engagement, and building organizational capacity.

Our Diversity Recruiting Vision

V2X is dedicated to hiring a diverse pool of talent to provide the most relevant, skilled, and resourceful teammates. We mirror our customers by strategically sourcing a diverse and inclusive workforce and enjoy the added benefit of the innovation they bring to the table. We are constantly adjusting to world events to refine our recruiting, retention, and growth practices.

At V2X, we focus on implementing platforms to connect with our future key personnel and ensure we hire the best possible candidates to support the warfighter. We consistently look for expansion opportunities in our marketing portfolio to reach colleges, trade shows, local events, and virtual recruiting activities.

V2X has a proud history of supporting critical missions with pride, dignity, and expertise. We encourage you to grow your career with us.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Employee Resource Groups

V2X recognizes that Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are crucial to workplace inclusion and provide a tangible benefit to both the team member and the organization through professional growth, employee education, promoting recruitment and increasing retention. V2X’ ERGs are at will, employee-led groups that nurture a workplace that is both diverse and inclusive while synergized with our strategic goals. People of diverse backgrounds come together and collaborate in a workplace where everyone is appreciated, honored, and rewarded based on their professional achievements.

V2X currently supports five ERG categories and continues to solicit employee involvement for additional groups. This employee involvement grants us valuable insight into team member needs in addition to serving as a channel for them to voice ideas and concerns. It is through these voices that V2X continues to find better ways to innovate and serve its community of employees and customers. Above all, our groups are open to every V2X employee that wants to join.

Ethics and Compliance

At V2X, our ethical culture serves as the foundation for providing long-term value to our stakeholders. Our fundamental goals are to promote an ethical culture, deter inappropriate conduct, and detect potential compliance issues.

The primary goal and focus of our Ethics and Compliance Program is to serve as a proactive resource to our operational programs and employees as V2X continues to grow. In addition, V2X provides regular employee training, monthly and quarterly employee communications, and a dedicated ethics team to enhance the ethical culture of our workplace. We provide multiple avenues for employees, clients, and other external parties to raise and report concerns, whether anonymously or not, through our third-party EthicsPoint toll-free hotline and website and other associated confidential reporting portals. V2X also has an Ethics and Compliance Review Board (ECRB) comprised of senior leaders representing HR, Legal, Ethics, and Programs, which assists with the investigative process for concerns and resolutions.

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The Ethics and Compliance Program provides several important resources for our employees and external parties including the Code of Conduct, which sets the ethical and performance standards that we live by and is grounded in our values of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, and Professionalism. We also provide training to our employees, partners, and subcontractors on the Code of Conduct as well as several required Business Conduct Compliance courses. Our Supplier Ethics resources include helpful information on our Supplier Code of Conduct that sets the expectations we have for our suppliers and business partners on topics to include anti-corruption efforts and policies, gifts, and human trafficking.

The V2X Anti-Corruption Program ensures V2X, its business partners, and employees conduct business operations consistent with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), U.K. Bribery Act (UKBA), and the national anti-corruption laws of the countries in which V2X operates. V2X also has a company Anti-Corruption Policy which applies to all employees, vendors, subcontractors, and business partners of V2X and all V2X programs, projects and its affiliated operations worldwide.

For additional information and resources on Ethics and Compliance at V2X, visit our Ethics & Compliance Resource Center or contact [email protected].

Contract Vehicles

Exceptional flexibility and value: V2X is ready to support you through a variety of contracts

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Our ESG strategy is an important part of our values and business priorities at V2X. The way we approach ESG issues has a significant impact globally on our customers, employees, investors, and communities. We acknowledge the importance of developing a comprehensive ESG strategy, and we take this responsibility seriously. 

Read the inaugural V2X 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report and learn more about our initiatives.

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Environment, Health, and Safety

Protecting Our People, Customers, and the Environment


In support of V2X’s vision and values, we are committed to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) excellence. The EHS Department is chartered with, and dedicated to, providing programs and practices that assist all employees in protecting each other, the communities we work in, and the customers we serve.

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Management System

V2X’s customized, streamlined Environment, Health & Safety Management System (EHSMS) supports our ‘Vector to Zero’ philosophy, which drives our efforts to continue the Path-to-Premier EHS Performance. It is designed to meet a continually evolving and dynamic business and operating model and follows the guidelines and principles outlined in recognized external management system standards (ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ANSI/ASSP Z10.0).

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V2X has several EHS programs designed to reinforce our safety culture and institute environmental stewardship. In 2016, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) presented the gold achievement award to V2X’s headquarters-based safety operation for individual occupational health and safety performance. V2X holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications in Germany.

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V2X is committed to the continual improvement of our safety and health programs throughout our global footprint. We pay close attention to our safety and health performance metrics and conduct thorough incident investigations with associated corrective and preventative actions. Visit the Environment, Health, and Safety Metrics page to learn more.

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Environmental Aspects and Impacts

V2X provides a wide range of customized environmental programs for our customers that address areas such as environmental education, energy and natural resources conservation, reduction and management of hazardous chemicals and waste, and recycling. Visit the Environmental Aspects and Impacts page to learn more.

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COVID-19 Response

At V2X, we make employees’ safety and health a priority. As soon as COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, we deployed our custom Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan covering procedures to reduce the spread of the disease at the workplace, screening measures and other controls, communication, and applicable corporate travel and business policies.

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2024 Vector to Zero: Hazard Hunt

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