EHS Certificates and Awards

Vector to Zero

Vector to Zero represents our pathway to an incident-free workplace.

V2X leaders and employees at all levels are empowered and expected to make safety practices and environmental stewardship part of their daily work routine.

If employees see something that is unsafe, they make it safe, and then report it, they are rewarded for doing so.

This creates a strong safety culture that reduces incident and injury rates throughout the organization.

Employee Authority to Stop Work

To support our culture of safety and the need for all employees to be involved in this goal, we ask all employees for their help. All employees have the authority to stop work and correct unsafe actions if they see or experience them at work.

Hazard Reporting

You have stop work authority and are expected to use it whenever you see something you perceive to be unsafe or pose a threat to the environment.

STOP the activity when you perceive an associated unsafe act or condition.

NOTIFY affected employee(s) and supervisor(s).

INVESTIGATE by discussing the problem and develop an approach
for resolution.

CORRECT by implementing the agreed corrections or solutions.

RESUME once the corrections or solutions have been implemented.

FOLLOW-UP by reporting the stop work to management and EHS.  


V2X has several EHS initiatives designed to reinforce our safety culture and institute environmental stewardship.

  • Hazard Hunt
  • EHS Excellence Award
  • Ergonomics and Slips, Trips, and Fall Campaign

V2X’s EHS mission is to heighten awareness of ergonomic and slip, trip, and fall hazards through inspection, employee engagement, and educational training. 

Throughout the campaign all employees are encouraged to participate in hazard identification, mitigation, and controls by keeping in mind the following principles:

  • Inspections and audits
  • Employee engagement
  • Effective training 

The Hazard Hunt Campaign

Hazard Hunt is an annual summer awareness campaign where programs are encouraged to identify and report at least one hazard in their work area. The hazards can be environmental, health, or safety-related. Once identified, teams address the issues found and demonstrate the impact made after their resolution.

This campaign begins Memorial Day weekend and runs through Labor Day week. 

The EHS Excellence Award

The V2X EHS Excellence Award is presented to recognize outstanding achievements in either environmental protection or safety and health. The nominations can be made for individuals, teams, or programs. This prestigious award is the highest level of recognition presented by V2X for EHS.

Nominations are made by employees and awards are based solely on meritorious actions. This campaign runs October through November.

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event held in the month of April to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

How are you and your program protecting the environment?

  • Have you eliminated single-use products and switched to reusable products?
  • Have you reduced fuel or energy consumption following your program’s resource conservation goals?

Earth Day is a time to reflect on the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. It is a day to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature and to raise awareness about the challenges facing our environment. From climate change to pollution, deforestation to habitat loss, the planet is facing a multitude of environmental threats that require our collective action and awareness.

On this day, we are called to come together to make a positive impact to work towards sustainability.

In previous years, themes have included topics such as protecting endangered species, preserving oceans and waterways, promoting renewable energy, and reducing plastic waste.

Every year, V2X celebrates Earth Day by inviting every employee to share initiatives taken to demonstrate their commitment to the environment in their workplace.

Employees are encouraged to submit a story with pictures and/or a video that exemplifies the program’s environmental conservation efforts and sustainable practices.

Examples from previous years include:

  • Carpooling initiatives.
  • Employees establishing used batteries collection centers.
  • Using ENERGY STAR appliances.
  • Setting minimum cooling temperatures to save energy at select locations.
  • Hosting information sessions.

For more information on Earth Day, visit 

EHS Employee Communications and Intranet Stories

The EHS Team provides a monthly Safety Moment and EHS Newsletter to all employees focused on relevant EHS topics to increase overall safety awareness and actions at V2X.

The EHS Team is also very active on the company’s Yammer page.

  • Yammer is a collaboration tool that helps you connect and engage across the company.
  • Our weekly post include webinars, hot topics, safety tips and tricks and so much more.