The V2X Environmental Management Program focuses on ensuring that our operations are compliant with all requirements and regulations and follow best practices to promote sustainability.

Our process starts with our policy and governing documents, identifying aspects of our operations that impact the environment, monitoring and measuring performance, and regularly reviewing an improving the system.

We seek to minimize our environmental impact, comply with regulations, and commit to environmental sustainability.

Elements of the Program

Guidance and Policy

Our environmental management approach follows these principles:

  • Understand environmental aspects and impacts at the program level
  • Manage each aspect in a way that is protective of the environment and human health
  • Commit to sustainable practices 
  • Comply with all environmental regulations and customer requirements
  • Ensure that environmental impacts are mitigated to the maximum extent practicable

Pollution Prevention Approach

V2X  regularly evaluates operations for opportunities to minimize environmental impact, and we emphasize regulatory compliance and an internal accountability framework to ensure success. Our teams continually review our processes and strive to reduce resource consumption and eliminate potential hazards and exposures. Where potential impacts remain, appropriate control technologies and procedures are implemented and maintained. 

We set the  following goals as  part of our Pollution Prevention Plan:

  • Air/Energy: Reduce fuel usage across the enterprise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Materials: Implement acquisition programs aimed at procuring products that are environmentally preferable, energy efficient, or contain post-consumer materials, in collaboration with Supply Chain and supplier management.
  • Training: Develop an environmental training program focused on hazard communications, waste minimization and pollution prevention.
  • Solid Waste: Reduce solid waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

EHS Management System (Environmental Aspects)

Example: U.S. Naval Support Facilities (NSF) Deveselu, Romania BOS 2022


Element Actions
Identify environmental aspects and impacts The program participated in the EHS Assessment conducted Aug 2022. During this visit, HQ evaluated the program’s environmental aspects and impacts of their operations.
Awareness of the environmental policy and management program The program’s operations follow the provisions of the V2X EHS Policy and have provided a summary of all the actions resulting from their Environmental program.
Establish environmental goals and objectives and plans to achieve them The program has established environmental goals and objectives for 2023. These include improvements to the solid waste management program and reducing the use of hazardous materials.
Procedure to monitor and measure progress A plan to measure progress has been provided.
Process to review and improve the system During annual self-assessment.

Climate Change Strategy and Goals

As a company that provides base operation services to the US military, we recognize the importance of addressing climate change and its potential impacts on our military operations. Therefore, we have developed a climate change strategy with specific goals to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. 

Our strategy focuses on three main areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste reduction 
  • Sustainable procurement

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and promoting the use of renewable energy sources. This includes implementing energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting and exploring the use of alternative fuels and vehicles.

To reduce waste, we have implemented a comprehensive waste management program that includes source separation, recycling and composting. 

We have also established a Green Procurement Policy that prioritizes the purchase of environmentally friendly products and services such as recycled paper, energy efficient appliances, and BioPreferred materials. 

In addition to these measures, we are committed to promoting sustainability awareness among our employees, customers and partners. We encourage our employees to participate in environmental initiatives such as Earth Day Environmental Champions. 

By working together with our employees, customers, and suppliers, we are confident that we can contribute to a more sustainable future for our military operations and the planet.

Climate-Related Risks and opportunities


  • New, more stringent policies and cost increases
  • Compliance
  • GHG emissions regulations such as carbon tax.
  • Stakeholders seeking more accountability from companies like V2X to disclose environmental impacts 
  • Heightened awareness of investors how companies manage and mitigate carbon footprint


  • Improving energy efficiency will reduce the total energy consumed and the total operating cost
  • Opportunity to be an environmental leader for our industry
  • Seek new energy alternatives and opportunities to meet our energy usage needs from renewable resources
  • Find eco-friendly raw material and suppliers to mitigate product impacts

Environmental Aspects and Impacts

Energy Management

V2X energy conservation program includes procedures on energy conservation action items including:

  • Maximum heating temperatures and cooling temperatures for occupied buildings and facilities, unoccupied buildings, offices, and maintenance bays
  • Efficient use of natural light to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption
  • Constant monitoring of energy use to identify reduction opportunities
  • Computer monitors use energy-saving settings and go into standby mode
  • All office equipment not in use or performing a function is turned off
  • Vehicles are not allowed to idle if unoccupied
  • Vehicle operators must strictly adhere to posted speed limits
  • Standard operating procedures for operations, maintenance and emergency startup/shutdown for facility equipment and machines

Waste Management

V2X waste management program was designed to promote sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce waste generation. We encourage the separation of waste at the source, with most programs having a solid recycling program in place to support our customers’ sustainability goals. 

Our other focus is on pollution prevention by improving processes to prevent or reduce waste generation

We are currently looking at other opportunities to improve our processes and efficiencies by reusing several materials which may also generate additional revenue.

Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous materials handling is a very common aspect of our operations. Our procedures are specific to all phases of handling these substances, including storage, use, and disposal. Through a complete assessment of these operations, we make sure measures are taken to reduce negative environmental impacts and hazardous exposures.

The use of hazardous materials should be minimized whenever possible, and alternative options should be actively sought and evaluated for implementation, in line with active environmental initiatives being pursued by the company. 

This rigorous approach ensures accurate inventories, appropriate precautions, and safe practices, and up to date emergency and first aid procedures. 

Air Quality Management

All operations that involve the emission of air pollutants are constantly examined to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, human health protection, and that best practices are followed. 

In accordance with different policies, emissions of ozone-depleting substances (ODS)shall be minimized to the greatest extent possible. We continue to seek eco-friendly ODS or retrofit with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) substances, where feasible. 

Water Management

V2X provides base operation services and support in the most water-stressed region of the planet – the Middle East, which means ensuring that all services and operations integrate water protection and reduction efforts. Climate change threatens to intensify the situation, with lower rainfall and higher temperatures. These water-stressed regions are expected to become drier, increasing the vulnerability of ecosystems and limiting water availability. The challenges presented by the region’s severe water stress underscore our commitment to sustainability and water conservation.

Water conservation consists of any beneficial reduction in water losses, waste, or use. Water conservation is the responsibility of every V2X employee, corporate policies and procedures, and the customer. At the Program level, Program Managers lead the efforts to reduce consumption and initiate programs aimed at improving water savings contract-wide. V2X proposes initiatives not only with water usage to support grounds and landscaping requirements but also in the facilities’ investment and utilities functional areas. By ensuring that our V2X employees and subcontractors are aware of the significance of water and trained in best practices for water conservation, we instill a culture of mindfulness and responsibility.

Conservation Management

Even though V2X has limited operations in areas with high biodiversity, all employees are encouraged to protect natural and cultural resources within all areas of responsibility. This includes plant life, wild animals, and any cultural resources that may be part of V2X’ operating locations.V2X does not operate at sites that are considered highly biodiverse.

Special efforts are made to avoid any adverse impact on internationally protected animal and plant species and their habitats.