Where the physical and digital realms meet, smart buildings, smart bases, and dramatically more effective operations emerge. V2X creates integrated solutions to improve performance, reduce costs, and ensure readiness.

Achieve a Higher State of Readiness

Next-gen operations

V2X helps customers achieve faster, smarter, more cost-effective operations by taking advantage of the right people and the right technology. Our integrated solutions connect digital and physical systems, improve threat visibility, and empower people to achieve mission requirements. At the same time, our experienced professionals work alongside your teams to ensure improved outcomes, anywhere and everywhere the mission calls.

Holistic solutions

From flightline to depot to theater, V2X ensures people and systems are ready to support every mission requirement. Our aerospace and aviation teams accelerate turnaround times to boost availability and optimize MRO and supply chain processes from end-to-end. Meanwhile, our multi-faceted training solutions upskill, reskill, and prepare your people for the challenges of today and tomorrow. With first-hand experience and technical agility, we deliver the scalability and flexibility needed to compete — and prevail.

The future of infrastructure

Physical infrastructure has been challenging to manage, expensive to maintain, and difficult to protect. With our expertise driving the innovative use of technology, the result is greater efficiency, lower costs, and increased security. Whether it’s a base, building, physical asset, or deployed network, we streamline and automate processes, enabling people to focus on the mission, not managing and maintaining the systems.

Optimized for Mission Success

Successfully navigate change

The V2X approach offers an iterative path to modernization and sustainment. Our methodology combines a deep understanding of our customers’ core missions with specialized technical expertise. From using AI and machine learning to automate a key process to improving supply chain reliability and efficiency, V2X powers solutions that mesh your existing capabilities with innovative tools and techniques to meet evolving demands.

Hit every target

How do we develop solutions that accelerate mission success? Our engineering and technical teams, subject-matter specialists, and strategists look at existing pain points and challenges. We then apply commercial best practices and bold thinking to reimagine processes, developing solutions that add long-term value and improved outcomes. On the ground, at sea, or in the air, our experienced teams see your mission as our mission, and work side-by-side with you to achieve your goals.

Realize maximum value

Whether we’re shortening turnaround times for aircraft maintenance, streamlining base operations, or ensuring personnel are trained, upskilled, and prepared for every situation, we help our customers stretch their budgets while improving performance, security, and resilience. Additionally, providing people with more effective tools helps retain top performers, and allows them to focus on the mission.

Our Capabilities

Mission Capable, Mission Ready

Can’t-fail missions require people, processes, and materials to perform on time and without disruption. Our customers worldwide rely on V2X to enhance critical operational capabilities and ensure end-to-end readiness.
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Faster Turnaround, Lower Costs

Keeping aircraft flight-ready is crucial to maximum readiness for every mission. V2X delivers real-world skills and experience, management expertise, and a commitment to quality that gives our clients the edge.
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Prepared for Every Mission

An empowered, engaged workforce is ready to meet every challenge, and find new opportunities for growth, productivity, and mission success. V2X brings expertise, insight and the latest technology to your learning environment.
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The Agility to Accelerate Operations

V2X delivers unmatched expertise to define and integrate the right technologies for your unique mission requirements, for optimal results and maximum ROI.
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Wherever the mission takes you, V2X is there. Linking people, technology and capability, we bring deep operational experience to solve complex problems from the command center to the front lines.

National Security

National Security

Partnering with the intelligence community, V2X builds solutions to meet emerging threats, engage advanced technology, and improve all-source analysis, data management, cybersecurity, exploitation, and training.



V2X delivers managed learning solutions worldwide that engage, educate, and ensure your people and your business can thrive in a fast-evolving market, driving higher performance across your organization.