Working Together

Supplier Ethics


Beyond our standard Terms and Conditions, V2X has initiated a Supplier Code of Conduct to set forth the expectations that we have for our suppliers and business partners. This is a direct reflection of the standards we have for our employees, officers and directors.

V2X maintains a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to corruption. When dealing with government officials, political appointees, or local leaders we expect our suppliers as well as our agents and employees to conduct themselves professionally with prohibit any offering or making any improper payments on V2X’ behalf.

V2X prides itself on the services we provide and the products we offer to our clients. Our suppliers are never expected to provide gifts either to us or to their downstream suppliers in exchange for any type of advantages. We will compete on equal footing and based on our corporate values, ethics and strong track record of success.

Human Trafficking
V2X will not knowingly work with any business partners that engage in any human trafficking activities, including child or forced labor, physical punishment or abuse, misleading or fraudulent recruiting, charging employees for recruitment, confiscation or destruction of employee identification documentation, or supporting prostitution. We expect our suppliers to follow these same high standards.

V2X has instituted a proactive approach to controlling the points-of-entry for Counterfeit Goods within our supply chain by following the DFARS regulations regarding Electronic Parts counterfeit reporting via GIDEP (Government-Industry Data Exchange Program). We also actively support and review non-electronic parts for counterfeit and non-conforming product to ensure the quality of products and services we deliver meet the highest standards. V2X takes all reasonable measures to ensure goods are procured through original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original component manufacturer (OCM) sources or their authorized distributors. Any suspicious products received are investigated and reported through the appropriate channels.

V2X protects against the unmonitored use of conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, gold and tungsten). If our vendors use these minerals, we expect them to implement the proper control procedures to identify the sources of these minerals and support the eradication of conflict minerals which finance or benefit factions in the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries.


V2X is seeking new opportunities to expand our vendor database to incorporate the best vendors across a broad spectrum of commodities and offerings. If you are interested in joining the V2X team of global suppliers, please complete the prequalification form through the Suppliers Portal. This is the first step toward becoming an approved supplier.

Vectrus Supplier Portal
Vertex Supplier Portal

V2X strives to provide transparency and clear direction in our purchasing activities. We have a Terms and Conditions policy that is shared with our suppliers upon establishing a working relationship with V2X. Our Supply Chain, Compliance and Legal teams are ready to help navigate through any of the language and ensure that V2X and your company are on a path to success.

1. How can I contact someone for additional information? Please send any questions to [email protected]. A supply chain representative will respond as soon as possible.

2. How long does supplier onboarding take? Once your prequalification form is submitted, our team of buyers and commodity managers will review V2X’ current needs and your strengths to determine if there is a match. If so, you will receive a follow-up email that will guide you through the additional steps required to complete the data collection, certification and approval process for joining the approved vendor list. This will not guarantee an award, however your company will be able to be sent RFQs and RFPs for consideration in bids and awards at that time.

3. Why do I have to recertify and when? V2X requires annual re-certification to ensure that your company information, offerings, certifications and representations haven’t changed. You will receive an e-mail prompt at the registered e-mail to return to our system and validate that the current information is still accurate and correct; as well as allow you to change any information that has changed over the past year. If the e-mail that you have on file needs to be changed, please contact [email protected].