V2X delivers innovative training solutions that allow clients to meet every challenge. V2X brings expertise, experience, and customized solutions to any learning environment or location around the world.

High-Consequence Training

While every mission matters, some leave no room for error. V2X training solutions ensure individuals and teams can face any real-world situation with confidence. For example, we train soldiers preparing for combat deployments and modernize training content for the most complex military systems. We also prepare automotive technicians for the electrification of vehicles.

Training Everywhere

V2X training is always available and always relevant. With our global capabilities, V2X training solutions deliver measurable results wherever needed — in the classroom, in the field, on the job, or online — making learning more available and more cost effective. By incorporating virtual and augmented reality into training scenarios, clients can fully prepare to meet the next challenge head on.

Organizational Training and Continuous Learning

V2X delivers training tailored and aligned to the specific learning needs of any organization. We create value for our clients through continuous learning solutions that drive productivity and produce an adaptable, skilled organization that can thrive in complex environments.

Enabling Workforce Learning and Modernizing Employee Skills

The workforce is changing; so is the workplace. New technologies, remote and hybrid offices, and market demands create new pressures for employees and employers alike. The future of work requires an adaptable, skilled workforce that can thrive in this new environment. Our learning solutions division, Vertex Professional Services (VPS), ensures learning leaders can prepare their people for every opportunity.

Solutions are designed to adapt to how, when, and where people learn best. Each year, VPS supports 1.2 million learners across 141 countries, including 272,000 virtual training hours. The result? Greater satisfaction, lower costs, and higher productivity, all with less effort for users and learning management teams.

Capabilities include:

  • Learning Strategy
  • Curriculum and Content Development/Modernization
  • Learning Technology and Delivery Modalities
  • Training Administration and Learning Management Systems
  • Continuous Improvement and Performance Evaluation

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Prepared to Prevail

Fast-evolving threats require rapid responses, amplifying the demand to ensure warfighters are ready for every situation. V2X delivers training solutions that reflect both the changing environment and emerging technologies, meeting warfighter readiness requirements.

V2X’s experts design, develop, and deliver high-consequence training solutions customized to support actions and environments anywhere in the world. Using live, virtual, constructive, and gaming training environments, we support and execute exercises that produce trained and ready individuals and organizations.

Capabilities include:

  • Training Instrumentation, Analysis, and After Action Review Production
  • Live/Virtual/Constructive Training Support
  • Exercise Planning and Distributed Training Exercise Support
  • Range Operations
  • Battlefield Effects and Role-players (Civilians on the Battlefield)
  • Leader Training Program and Leadership Coaching


Featured technologies


Our Architect™ methodology is a unique curriculum analysis method, enabled by expertise and tools. Getting the foundation right and removing redundant, unneeded content not only streamlines the courses but sets the stage for moving to more modern modalities for delivery.

Better training and training outcomes deliver increased capability — and measurably better results — to their operations. The outcome of the VPS Architect™ is a collaborative focus on skills development and an optimal blend of formal and informal training.

Information Solutions

Information Solutions for the Integrated Training Environment (InSITE)

The V2X management information system (InSITE) provides users with real-time, reliable data to make informed decisions. InSITE is a web-based solution that is available 24/7/365 and worldwide. It provides a complete, comprehensive tool suite for managing all contract data and tracks asset status to ensure availability and accountability. InSITE provides real-time, actionable data on large programs, tracking assets on a global scale.