WashingtonExec: Vectrus’ Chuck Prow on Meeting Rising Pandemic Challenges by Remaining Mission Ready

Sep 30, 2020

WashingtonExec senior writer Amanda Ziadeh sits down with Chuck Prow, president and CEO of Vectrus, to discuss how the company and its employees have met the various rising challenges of the pandemic. Considering Vectrus operates critical infrastructure for the U.S. military around the globe, Prow shares how Vectrus has worked with clients to keep the missions it supports ready and operating. He also talks about the base operations market and its evolution with advanced technology. Watch the full video here: https://washingtonexec.com/2020/09/watch-vectrus-chuck-prow-on-meeting-rising-pandemic-challenges-by-remaining-mission-ready/#.X3X-nmhTk2y