WashingtonExec: Top HR Execs to Watch in 2023

Sep 19, 2023

Jo Ann Bjornson

Chief Human Resources Officer, V2X

Jo Ann Bjornson joined V2X this year after the 2022 merger of Vectrus and Vertex created a company worth nearly $4 billion with close to 16,000 employees worldwide. With 25 years of experience in federal contracting and having been part of several business transformations, she’s now part of a successful and energized company. V2X is using its larger size and varied skills to continue expanding the business.

“I feel fortunate to have joined a leadership team that is so collaborative and committed to tackling hard problems, shaping the organization, and supporting our talent priorities to support our scale and growth,” she said.

Why Watch

In 2023, Bjornson and her team are heavily focused on shaping the future and viewing the recent merger not as an integration but a reinvention. They will be working to link day-to-day priorities to what drives business results, removing what does not add value, and improving the overall V2X candidate, employee, and manager experience.

“For me personally, I have opportunity to impact the HR function at V2X but also the career development of my team, as I empower them to shape our function and their roles to focus more on being partners to our business and contributors to its success,” she said.

Chuck Prow, CEO of V2X, said the company is fortunate to have Bjornson join the leadership team during a period of transformation.

“She has hit the ground running, bringing her years of experience in our industry to shape our people priorities and lay the foundation to further scale our organization,” he said. “V2X is deeply committed to the mission and its people, and Jo Ann has brought a dynamic leadership approach that will be pivotal to our growth.”