WashingtonExec: Top DE&I Execs to Watch in 2024

Dec 6, 2023

Shelli Green

Executive Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, V2X

V2X’s culture enabled significant progress in its DE&I strategy, building on the groundwork set in previous years, according to Shelli Green. A major achievement is the development of a business resource group communication platform that facilitates complex discussions and idea sharing to meet company goals. V2X has also improved how it disseminates information to be more inclusive. This progress positions the company well for future acquisitions, thanks to its collection and analysis of historical data, implementation of strategic goals and strong leadership tenure.

“Shelli plays a pivotal role in shaping V2X’s corporate culture, ensuring that every voice is heard, and that diversity is celebrated,” said Chuck Prow, president and CEO. “Her dedication fosters an inclusive workplace and proves that DEI is not just a priority but a business imperative in today’s dynamic workplace and society more broadly.”

Why Watch

As V2X manages and expands globally, meeting international DE&I standards is essential. The company recognizes the value of its diverse team. In 2024, a key goal is to improve engagement and communication with team members, prioritizing inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.

To achieve this, V2X is actively coordinating with its Business Resource Groups and philanthropy committee. The company is committed to understanding and positively influencing both its internal and external communities, aiming to make a significant impact.

“An individual’s actions, belief system, and determination to overcome challenges can significantly influence how we perceive and contribute to our global community,” Green said. “Therefore, inspire change and celebrate the small victories.”