Washington Technology 360: What are V2X’s next big steps?

Apr 24, 2023

V2X’s chief growth and client service officer Sue Deagle joins the podcast to explain the rationale for putting this new company together by merging Vectrus and Vertex, plus how the combined team is looking to grow beyond the foundation already in place.

Vectrus and Vertex joined forces in the summer of 2022 to form what is now V2X — a global government services provider roughly double in size to approximately 14,000 employees.

It was one of the larger deals of 2022.

For this episode, V2X’s chief growth and client service officer Sue Deagle describes how the combined company is looking to build off that foundation and expand into new areas of the market.

One significant leg of the corporate strategy is converged infrastructure, which V2X defines as integrating digital offerings into large physical assets with the end goal of creating smarter buildings including many military bases.

V2X also has to be a scout for technologies and partners to make that converged infrastructure a reality. Deagle also explains how V2X thinks about technology and goes about identifying the right tools and partners for more than just an individual program.

Listen to the full podcast here: https://washingtontechnology.com/podcasts/2023/04/wt-360-what-are-v2xs-next-big-steps/385444/