Washington Exec: Top CIOs to Watch in 2020 – Chip Lohmeyer

Nov 29, 2020

By Amanda Ziadeh

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Vectrus

Chip Lohmeyer is charged with providing the IT infrastructure and applications that support Vectrus’ global workforce operating in 26 countries and territories with its Defense Department and intelligence community clients. He leads the company’s cloud migration and the deployment of new technologies to enable agility, collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

Vectrus’ investments in a cloud-based architecture allow it to rapidly stand up and effectively manage new program sites worldwide in some of the most austere locations and under various operating conditions, he said.

“Our new collaboration platform has helped our teams adapt quickly to remote work and manage dynamic and challenging situations on the front lines in support of our clients,” Lohmeyer added.

Vectrus is also replacing its business systems with cloud-based solutions for finance, supply chain and HR functions. With several sites live, Lohmeyer’s team is on the home stretch to complete the global rollout this year.

“With our modern application platform, we’re simplifying business operations and providing the data and tools to help our employees drive better client outcomes,” he said.

Why Watch

Lohmeyer and his enterprise IT organization play a critical role in enabling Vectrus to be adaptive, responsive and efficient as the company grows organically and integrates new business and capability through strategic M&A.

With its installation of the future and through the convergence of IT and operational technologies such as the Internet of Things, Vectrus is transforming mission operations into smart, integrated military bases that reduce costs, improve threat visibility and drive smart decisions.

Release date

Sunday, November 29, 2020