Naval Technology: Vectrus wins contract for Naval Base Coronado 5G Smart Warehouse

Feb 16, 2021

Vectrus Systems has secured a prime contract for the US Department of Defense (DoD) Naval Base Coronado (NBC) 5G Smart Warehouse.

Under the contract, Vectrus will be responsible for delivering support services, such as inventory management, network security, robotic material movement, as well as environmental sensing capabilities.

The support being offered at NBS is part of the DoD’s $600m project for 5G testing at five US military test bases.

Naval Base Coronado military installation serves as home to over 27,000 military and civilian personnel.

Vectrus Operational Technology and Enterprise Package senior vice-president Corinne Minton said: “We are excited to support the navy’s ground-breaking smart warehouse prototype in a competitive arena focused on technological solutions that are now being applied within traditional facility and base operations and IT services.

“This is an opportunity to lend our technological expertise in support of the clients’ migration towards the converged infrastructure market and move away from traditional ways of operating their facilities, supply chains, and networks.”

The company noted that each installation will partner with military services and academic experts to further the 5G capabilities of the DoD.

NBC 5G Smart Warehouse project is aimed at developing a 5G-enabled Smart Warehouse ‘focused on transhipment between shore facilities and naval units’.

Release date

Tuesday, February 16, 2021