ExecutiveGov: Vectrus Converged Environment Expands to Support DoD Readiness, Modernization Efforts

Feb 2, 2022

By William McCormick

Vectrus announced on Tuesday that the company has expanded its Converged Environment service offering in order to address the most significant installation management challenges with the Department of Defense (DoD).

“Our Converged Environment offering meets the demands of the military while promoting cost savings, increased security, and more strategic use of resources — and rapidly enabling critical data-driven decision-making for our customers,” said Corinne Minton-Package, senior vice president of Systems and Technology at Vectrus.

Vectrus’ Converged Environment expands the company’s existing Converged Infrastructure offering to create and implement technology solutions and operational efficiencies by integrating all aspects of physical and digital infrastructure.

As a result, the Converged Environment improves performance and reduces costs across communications, assets, logistics, supply chains, acquisition, cyber as well as physical security, facilities and operational processes.

“Unlike traditional solutions, the Vectrus approach exists at the intersection of technology, security, and assets, making us uniquely positioned to unlock the benefits that come with integration,” Minton-Package explained.

The Converged Environment approach has been integrated for the Naval Base Coronado in San Diego. Vectrus has implemented technology solutions and applications for a “warehouse of the future” as the prime contractor for the base. The smart warehouse will improve efficiency, security, and safety of material across supply handling, management, storage and distribution.

“We are proud of this investment and are committed to developing tailored solutions to meet the DoD’s modernization objectives through the deployment of Vectrus Converged Environments,” Minton-Package added.