WashingtonExec: Top 35 Execs to Watch: Chuck Prow

Chuck Prow’s biggest recent achievement is bringing two legacy companies, Vectrus and Vertex, together to establish V2X as a leading provider of critical mission solutions and support to defense clients globally. The combination builds on more than 120 combined years of successful mission support and created a market leader in the operational segment of the broader federal services marketplace. Most rewarding, Prow said, has been to see how the 15,000 employees of V2X are innovating and collaborating daily to find new and better ways of serving clients and the missions Vectrus has been entrusted to support.

Why Watch In 2023

Prow is heavily focused on the successful integration of the businesses and taking full advantage of the synergies and strengths of both organizations to expand Vectrus’ position in the marketplace. There will be a strong focus on people and culture, fully leveraging and enhancing diversity and continuing to invent and drive innovation in the Converged Environment. Through its V2X diversity efforts, the company continues to play a significant role in the veteran ecosystem as well as supporting all of its diversity groups at V2X. “Edwards Deming once said, ‘Every system [organization] is perfectly designed to get the results it gets,” Prow said. “This quote has always served as a call to action for me to continually innovate, explore new models, and provide greater incentive for our people to seek new or additional ways to add value.”