Accelerating Operational Readiness

With heightened operations, the military customer wants quick answers and quick solutions. To meet this need, Vertex developed an in-house solution engineered specifically to the requirements of U.S. Government aircraft maintenance and contractor logistic support programs.

Redefining Program Performance

The solution, known as Aircraft Maintenance and Management Optimization, or AMMO®, offers customers readily available and accurate critical management information. AMMO® redefines how flight operations, maintenance, supply chain, and technical data are collected, documented, and reported. The platform seamlessly documents all maintenance and supply transactions, performs data analytics, produces reports, and provides program-wide information visibility in a digital environment, on a “real-time” basis. This type of digital environment is significantly transforming the data management and utilization capability of support and supply programs.

Ammo Graphic

Collection of

Flight Operations, Maintenance, Supply Chain & Technical Data

Data Merger

Through Secure Web Portal

Real-Time Visibility of

Data, Analysis, & Program Reports

AMMO® Capabilities

Affordability & Customization

Affordability & Customization

AMMO® offers customers affordable and flexible digital customization. Typically, a platform requiring U.S. government approval enhanced security, and various levels of customization are outsourced to third parties for development. This results in additional costs to cover the customization as well as licensing and subscription fees. By developing AMMO® in-house, the hassle and expense of out-sourcing are eliminated.

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration

AMMO® allows for the integration of data from Vertex corporate business systems, customer systems of record, and vendor inputs. Since Vertex is vertically integrated and offers customers aircraft maintenance and fabrication in addition to proven supply management, end-to-end collaboration between all stakeholders is significantly enhanced. As a result, aircraft availability is effectively planned, cost control efficiencies are delivered, and ultimately, readiness is accelerated for warfighters.

Proven Solutions

Proven Solutions & Continuous Improvement Driving Future Innovation

Across all industries, companies are investing more in innovative technology solutions to provide customers near real-time critical management information. In the aerospace defense industry, force readiness levels are the top priority.

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